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Workforce Development Grants

Team of doctors consulting with a digital tablet and clipboard notes in the hospital hallway. Group of healthcare workers planning a medical surgery with technology after consultation with a patient.

The Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) has participated in Healthcare Workforce Development grant programs since 2010 and has enrolled over 600 new graduate nurses and allied health professional with over a 90 percent employment retention rate.

Currently, the NHA offers two programs in northern Nevada – the National Dislocated Worker Grant – Employment Recovery (NDWG-ER) Program and H-1B Rural Healthcare Grant Program. These programs are a partnership between the NHA and Nevadaworks and provide federal grant funding resources and support to individuals pursing health care careers, as well as their potential health care employers.

NDWG-ER Program
The goal of the NDWG-ER Program is to address the shortage of registered nurses (RN) and allied healthcare professionals in northern Nevada. The program is designed to aid in the successful transition from academia to a professional career through occupational skills training, on-the-job-training (OJT) and advocacy for permanent job placement, as well as assist those interested in allied healthcare professions with educational opportunities. Click here for more information on the NDWG-ER Grant Program.

H-1B Rural Healthcare Grant Program
The H-1B grant serves underemployed, underserved and unemployed individuals who are looking to move into the healthcare field in rural northern Nevada communities. The H-1B rural healthcare grant supports education and training models in healthcare-related fields and fills vacancies in 12 northern Nevada rural counties where needs have been identified. Click here for more information on the H-1B Rural Healthcare Grant Program.

For questions or inquiries, please contact:

Sharyn Juarez
Workforce Program Director
(775) 657-5866

Leslie Cerfoglio
Program Coordinator
(775) 657-5826