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About Us

Shot of a cheerful group of doctors standing with their arms around each other inside of a hospital during the day

NHA’s History

Formally established in 1960 and incorporated in 1971, the NHA was created by hospital administrators to provide a unified forum for all types of hospitals to address such issues as reimbursement, worker’s compensation, professional liability, and continuing education, among others.

Over time, the emergence of major issues such as marketplace healthcare, restrictive government payment policies, inadequate funding for indigent care, and manpower shortages, among others, have continued to pose formidable challenges to the healthcare system.

NHA’s Mission

We are a membership organization serving as a statewide resource and leader in promoting public understanding of, and support for, the healthcare system serving Nevada’s communities. The NHA serves as an advocate for our members to lead in the provision of high quality, affordable and accessible healthcare services, resulting in healthier Nevada communities.

NHA’s Vision

To be the recognized leader and primary resource in healthcare advocacy and public awareness efforts for members, providers, policy makers, and other stakeholders who collectively work toward common goals and objectives to satisfy the healthcare needs of Nevada’s communities.